Boost Your Online Art Sales

Boost Your Online Art Sales

How to discover your true love among tens of thousands of artworks? ArtThat eMall, let art be at your fingertips!

Whether you are a gallery, arts organization, publication or an individual artist; if you are serious about selling art online then choosing ArtThat eMall is a great starting point.

Easy to Submit & Order
100% Original + High Quality
Double Guaranteed
Customized Installation

The reasons for buying art online

Besides certificate of collection, trust gives collectors the confidence to complete a purchase once they already have the impulse to buy.

Context instead of Investment is the significant driver of online art sales. Emotional context refers to the way a collector engages with an artwork.

Actually, the two biggest drivers of online purchases are: (1) aesthetics and matching with home style and decor, (2) the emotional context at the point of purchase.

Detailed descriptions and context to the work are vital when selling online, as the artwork itself may remind them of a holiday, place or event.

So how to provide context for the work?

This can include the following:

Name of the piece
Date and location of work
Some details on work process and printing paper/process
A detailed description of the work and the project
Independent writing about the project
Background on the artist

At the same time, we also implant the work into the real scene to present the details, color and impact of the work, so as to better promote the purchase.

Learn more about Online Sale rules:

Sale Management: products update, customer service, order and invoice management all managed by ArtThat.
Agreement Signing: Submit your profile including introduction, biography and works for review; and sign the agreement with ArtThat after evaluation.
Shipment: Shipping and delivering to customers by yourself or by ArtThat.
Exposure: As eLite partners, you will have chances to exposure your works on Weibo/WeChat/EDM.
Refund policy: If the product quality problems occur, you should arrange returns or exchanges.
Receiving payments: ArtThat will transfer monthly sales revenue to creators on the 20th of the following month (minus transaction fees and its sales tax).

When a product item is sold through ArtThat eMall (WeChat store), the payment first goes into ArtThat’s corporate account. ArtThat calculates the sales revenue of eLite partners (for a calendar month) on the 10th of the following month. Then on the 20th, ArtThat transfers the sales revenue minus transaction fees: Selling fee, shipping fee and 5% business tax on transaction fees to eLite partners. If the 20th is a weekend or public holiday, the revenue will be transferred on the next business day.

Customers can pay online using credit/debit card, PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay, and Tenpay. Depending on the payment method used by a customer for an order, ArtThat collects different transaction fees.

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