Discover and Sell New Art

Discover and Sell New Art

ArtThat eLite, so splendid!

ArtThat eLite is an online pool of artworks submitted by artists from all over the world which ArtThat eMall and our eLite Partners can use to select new work to sell, and also to assist artists to obtain growth certification and promotion at the same time.

Enter or Run Open Calls

ArtThat eLite enables members to easily enter competitions, awards and open calls. For organizations this doesn’t just mean more high quality works, but it makes it easy to manage submissions and handle all the entries.

Call for Entries/Upload Portfolio
Hold/Participate Competitions and Awards
Publish/Apply for Artist-in-residence Program
Initiate Art Projects

How it works

Get our free guidance and quick and effective service, and learn the best way to start selling works online.

Step 1
Set up your free account (Sign Up Here), upload image, descriptions, sizes and context of your work one by one. Submitted image(s) must be in JPEG format of a maximum 2 MB in size, the longest edge should be no more than 2000 pixel.

Step 2
Upload your personal branding for the packaging and digital signature for the limited edition certificates (optional).

Step 3
When ArtThat eMall selects your work to sell, we’ll email you with the URL.

Step 4
All the artworks priced in ArtThat eMall will then auto import to your products list where they can be listed for sale.

Step 5
When a print sells, we’ll notify you. We handle the customer service and order fulfillment and artist payment.

Now become an eLite Artist member, you will obtain growth certification and also our promotion at the same time, by a customized digital marketing solution for you to generate traffic, including social media, email marketing, search engine optimization and so on:

Artist growth dimension model certification
Global database of potential collectors
Global artist residence project database
Database of global museums, galleries and art fairs
Selected Monthly/Annual ArtThat Collections Catalogue

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