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Home Is Where The Art Is. ArtThat is a bilingual digital platform based in Shanghai for all indulge in the reinforcing and seizing of day-to-day aesthetics from global art and fashion hipsters, and the broad consumers. It was founded by FastCity in 2014. Since its establishment, FastCity has been committed to “Double Innovation”-Wenchuang and Xinchuang, that is, Cultural&Creative and IT Application Innovation. At the end of 2019, it won the First Prize of the 4th China Innovation Challenge (Shanghai) Brand Innovation and Development Competition with its groundbreaking Web App “全景购 VR Go”, widely published in official media and government websites, including CNR, China National Brand, Huangpu District People’s Government of Shanghai, etc.

We aims at narrowing down the gap between consumers in the new generation and art, likewise, enabling art at your fingertips. The brand upholds the concept of “The Art of Living With Heart”, and furnishes life with new paradigm, bringing innovativeness in conjunction with vitality.

Welcome to download our latest Chinese media kit: 艺廊网 2024龙行虎步.

At the same time, by Timestamp Your Footprints On The Blockchain, ArtThat is dedicated to act as a digital copyright protection platform for those have enthusiasm in lifestyle and aesthetics to unleash their potentials by displaying their distinct and novel projects, events and works in front of the public. Every purchase of yours represents a support to them, at the same time helps bridging their artistic creation to the market.


New Paradigm of Elite Living


LIU Tao Photography: A Hard Road to the Future Shanghai KOCA Art Space · South Bund
ZHAO Zhigang Paintings: Seen and Unseen Shanghai KOCA Art Space · South Bund
The Tipping Point – We Do Art Right Group Exhibition Shanghai FotileStyle
Mottled Moss – Abstract Paintings of Jiang Zhenggen Shanghai KOCA Art Space · South Bund

Matrix: Red White Blue – |Red Dream| Zhu Ye Solo Exhibition Shanghai KOCA Art Space · South Bund
Matrix: Red White Blue – |White Fantasy| Sandro del Pistoia Solo Exhibition Shanghai KOCA Art Space · South Bund
Matrix: Red White Blue – |Blue Desire| Elena Monzo Solo Exhibition Shanghai KOCA Art Space · South Bund
DUANG Easter Eggs Art Invitational Exhibition Shanghai The Cool Docks
YTA Art Project: Chen Xiaohu | Be Sensitive Shanghai KOCA Art Space · South Bund

Design Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai Exhibition Center
Francophonie Festival, National
Croisements Festival, National
Art Nanjing, Nanjing
XIDW, Xiamen, Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center

USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry, Partner



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