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ArtThat upholds the concept of “The Art of Living With Heart”, and furnishes life with new paradigm, bringing innovativeness in conjunction with vitality. Come and join ArtThat Elites Club, then fuse art with daily life!

Re-create With Artists

Art & fashion hipsters can find artwork that encompasses specialty, diversity in addition to stylishness on our C.H.I.C. Emolib and its mini-store, and together with artists, through re-creation of silk-screen prints, bring you exquisite products and experiences with high artistic value, outstanding individuality and innovative dissemination of art.

Authorized By Artists & Diversified Art Derivatives

All products are the derivative pieces of classic masters, contemporary masters and on-trend illustrators. Up till now, launched derivatives include silk-screen prints, T-shirts, canvas bags, and digital micro-jet prints, etc.

Every purchase of yours represents a support to artists, at the same time helps bridging their artistic creation to the market.