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Come and join ArtThat Elites Club, then fuse art with daily life! ArtThat upholds the concept of “The Art of Living With Heart”, and furnishes life with new paradigm, bringing innovativeness in conjunction with vitality.

Re-create With Artists

Art & fashion hipsters can find artwork that encompasses specialty, diversity in addition to stylishness on our C.H.I.C. Emolib and its mini-store, and together with artists, through re-creation of silk-screen prints, bring you exquisite products and experiences with high artistic value, outstanding individuality and innovative dissemination of art.

Authorized By Artists & Diversified Art Derivatives

All products are the derivative pieces of classic masters, contemporary masters and on-trend illustrators. Up till now, launched derivatives include silk-screen prints, T-shirts, canvas bags, and digital micro-jet prints, etc.

Every purchase of yours represents a support to artists, at the same time helps bridging their artistic creation to the market.

Frequently Asked Questions Before Sales

1.1 Do I need to create an account to make a purchase?

No, you can buy directly without creating an account. At the same time, we also recommend that you register for an account for easy access to your purchase records and logistics information.

1.2 Are all the works authorized?

Yes it is. For the works of emerging artists and masters, works on the platform are legally authorized to use .

1.3 What payment method can I choose?

You can choose to pay by credit card/PayPal or Alipay.

1.4 If I purchase several prints or derivatives, can they be delivered at the same time?

Under normal circumstances, we ship separately according to product categories, that is, if customers purchase multiple categories of products at the same time, they will receive multiple express packages, and the arrival time of each package may be slightly different.

Frequently Asked Questions After Sales

2.1 Can I return or exchange the product?

Due to the special characteristics of art derivatives, the products received are not refundable for non-quality problems; if the products are damaged during transportation, please contact us or courier as soon as possible; if there are quality problems, a refund will be accepted, and the return shipping fee will be you bears.

2.2 Can I cancel or change the order?

You can contact us within one hour after confirming the order and making the payment to cancel the order or change the order receiving address. More than one hour will not be accepted.

2.3 When will I receive my order? How to track my order?

Under normal circumstances, customers can receive the goods within 3-5 working days. After the goods are shipped, there will be an email notification. You can check the logistics information or the tracking number in the personal account to check the arrival time.

Frequently Asked Questions for Artists

3.1 Is the pricing of derivative products determined by the artist?

The pricing of derivative products is uniformly determined by the platform. But there will be irregular limited time offers, so stay tuned!

3.2 How to provide works?

Artist only need to Submit Your Works and enjoy their passive income.

3.3 Can any content be uploaded?

We pride ourself on being an all-encompassing platform. However, we may consider the pictures to be unacceptable based on law or other reasons (such as copyright infringement), and all problematic pictures will be judged according to the specific circumstances.

3.4 Where can I see the sales records? When can I receive the money?

We will settle the copyright royalties with the artist on the 14th of each month.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us:

Tel: +86 21 5188 8595
Inquiry: info(at)
WeChat Public Account: artthat