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ArtThat upholds the concept of “The Art of Living With Heart”, and furnishes life with new paradigm, bringing innovativeness in conjunction with vitality.

Re-create With Artists

Art & fashion hipsters can find artwork that encompasses specialty, diversity in addition to stylishness on our C.H.I.C. Emolib and its mini-store, and together with artists, through re-creation of silk-screen prints, bring you exquisite products and experiences with high artistic value, outstanding individuality and innovative dissemination of art.

Authorized By Artists & Diversified Art Derivatives

All products are the derivative pieces of classic masters, contemporary masters and on-trend illustrators. Up till now, launched derivatives include silk-screen prints, T-shirts, canvas bags, and digital micro-jet prints, etc.

Every purchase of yours represents a support to artists, at the same time helps bridging their artistic creation to the market.

    • Start From $29
    • Premium Handmade Quality
    • High Definition With Detail Texture
  • Paint Spray On Waterproof Canvas
  • Canvas Size 20 x 24 in
  • Wood Hanging Scroll & Hook
  • 15 Days Direct Mail To Oversea

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