Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel Is Reminiscent Of Miami Art Deco Architecture

Here a mix of yellow, purple, green and orange brings us back to the late 70s and 80s, creating a fun and bold atmosphere.

Miami Art Deco and Archizoom, the Italian design group of the 70’, are the inspirations behind the project of the Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel by Ilmiodesign studio. Situated in Ibiza, in the San Antonio area, the hotel hosts a curated art program with art works shown in the guest rooms and in the hotel’s gallery.



Ilmiodesign, a Spanish design studio founded by Michele Corbani and Andrea Spada, curated the completed renovation of this 60 rooms hotel. The studio took inspiration from the Miami Modern architecture style and its unique summer vibes, pastel colors and stylized facades.



The hotel’s stark white facade is reminiscent of Miami Beach’s Art Deco architecture. The Art Deco inspiration continues in the interior where candy-hues like pink and mint green characterize the lobby, the rooms and also the swimming-pool area.



Meanwhile, the playful and unusual furnishings, with their soft lines and bright colors, pay homage to the design group Archizoom and to Ettore Sottsass and the Memphis style. Here a mix of yellow, purple, green and orange brings us back to the late 70s and 80s, creating a fun and bold atmosphere.



A room stands out from the rest. It is a bedroom with glass walls called Zero Suite located in the hall and reserved for artists who are hosted for “micro-residences” of art and who do not mind being seen while sleeping.



Candy pink and purple continue in the swimming pool area where two rectangular pools are positioned on each side of a circular bar, which takes up the Art Deco flavor of the building. The lettering of Paradiso is also a reference to the 1920s style.



Photography by Adam Johnston.

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