JetBrains Terrace Tower Amsterdam: A Sustainable Workspace

This innovative office interior design promotes a healthy balance between work and recreation, creating an environment that is as sustainable as it is inspiring.

In the heart of Amsterdam, Netherlands, the JetBrains Terrace Tower Amsterdam stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of global software company JetBrains. Designed by D/DOCK, this remarkable workspace is a beacon of sustainability and creativity, offering an inspiring environment that nurtures employee well-being.

The design of the tower is a unique blend of landscape architecture and biophilic design, incorporating principles of environmental psychology to create a workspace that truly feels like a home away from home. Each floor of the building represents a different natural landscape, transforming the office into a dynamic ecosystem that fosters focus, movement, and health.

Revolutionizing Workspace: JetBrains’ Innovative Office Interior Design

JetBrains, a global software company, has unveiled a unique workspace that embodies its commitment to fostering employee well-being and creativity. This innovative office interior design promotes a healthy balance between work and recreation, creating an environment that is as sustainable as it is inspiring.

Designing for Privacy and Productivity

The workspace design team worked collaboratively to optimize the office for privacy, acoustics, and lighting, eliminating distractions to enhance productivity. The result is a workspace that supports focus and creativity, providing employees with a conducive environment to deliver their best work.

A Landscape of Creativity and Health

The office interior design incorporates principles of landscape architecture, biophilic design, and environmental psychology. The “Office as a Landscape” concept transforms each floor into a different natural landscape: desert, forest, fields, and mountains. These unique settings create an ecosystem within the workspace that promotes creativity, movement, focus, and health.

Prioritizing Employee Needs and Preferences

The design prioritizes what employees want and need, allowing them to set their rhythms for the workday. The workspace caters to individual working preferences by offering various spatial layouts and types of furniture. The workstations provide focus, privacy, and comfort, creating a “home away from home” atmosphere. Meanwhile, team-based rooms become micro-communities within the building, fostering collaboration and camaraderie.

Sustainability at the Forefront

Sustainability is a key focus of this project. The office features recycled furniture and an automated system that adjusts sun protection, lighting, heating, and cooling based on sunlight penetration and occupancy levels. Employees can still configure their environments to their liking, ensuring a comfortable and personalized workspace. JetBrains’ new Amsterdam office is a testament to their commitment to both employees and the environment, setting a new standard for office interior design.

Photography by Rick Geenjaar

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