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By Timestamp Your Works On The Blockchain and under our copyright protection, ArtThat is dedicated to act as a platform for artists to unleash their potentials by displaying their distinct and novel artwork in front of the public. Every purchase of yours represents a support to artists, at the same time helps bridging their artistic creation to the market.

Create Passive Income At ZERO

Over a hundred artists have been cooperating with ArtThat. For each product sold, artists can receive a certain amount of income from the sales revenue at a specific percentage. ArtThat will be responsible for the promotion, marketing, production, packaging, transportation and logistics of art derivatives.

In short, artist only need to Submit Your Works and enjoy his or her own passive income.

Types of Artworks:

Oil Painting, Print, Drawing, Photo, Digital

Artworks Submission and Contacts:

For the submission of the portfolio and information on artworks:

  • Artist Resume: Birth, educational background, current location, exhibition experience (selected solo and group exhibition), reviews and their sources, publications and their links
  • Artist Statement: intentions, thoughts and topics etc. of the artworks creation, about 400 words
  • Information of The Artworks: title, size, material, year, price etc.
  • Pictures of The Artworks: full big pictures, pictures of the partial, framed or displayed artworks

Attached files please email to editors(at); Flash-disk, Brochures and other paperworks please contact us:

Tel: +86 21 5188 8595
Inquiry: info(at)
WeChat Public Account: artthat