Timestamp your works on the Blockchain

By Timestamp Your Works On The Blockchain and under our copyright protection, ArtThat is dedicated to act as a platform for artists to unleash their potentials by displaying their distinct and novel artwork in front of the public. Every purchase of yours represents a support to artists, at the same time helps bridging their artistic creation to the market.

Now with ArtThat, you can timestamp your works on any EOSIO blockchain. Just Submit Your Works, after upload and publish, everything is taken care of automatically!

Why do I need to timestamp my works?

With support from the European Union, ArtThat does everything in its power to bring the benefits of blockchain to you. Here are some reasons:

Copyright protection

Copyright Infringement Claim Tools


Increase trust and claim authenticity

Be your own notary

Downloadable blockchain certificate as proof of existence

Collection certificate of works with Timestamp

How does Timestamp work?

1. All media files of your works like Text, Images, e-Signatures are published on ArtThat website.

2. Hashing is a mathematical algorithm that generates a unique fingerprint for every published content.

3. The hash is added to the blockchain. It can’t be removed or altered by anyone, ever.

4. You will receive a Certificate(PDF) proving the existence at that time. It includes the input that led to the hash, a link to the blockchain transaction and more.

Such as the following information:

url: https://artthat.net/timestamp-your-works-on-the-blockchain/
time & date: 08:51:25 (EST) 27/02/21
timestamp: 1/1
blockchain transaction: https://bloks.io/transaction/49ef1f86b8366ae9b25c345a427288b68134862793a678d0d43f8273a9629e3d
hash: d90b2f48750ff917a83a661aa3f03c9a6a8acb599e9e676f48d23b5f52fa49a7

What media files are needed to upload a work?

Signature of Artist
Original Type
Title of Work
Version of Work
Images of Work