Delicate Animated Illustrations Capture the Serene Moments of Daily Life

Each gif is rendered largely in pastels and captures simple movements: a record spinning on a turntable, rain falling outside a window, and butterflies hovering around hydrangeas.

By Timestamp Your Works On The Blockchain and under our copyright protection, ArtThat is dedicated to act as a platform for artists to unleash their potentials by displaying their distinct and novel artwork in front of the public.

Based in Japan, Maori Sakai imbues a bit of whimsy into otherwise mundane scenes through her delicately illustrated animations. Many of Sakai’s short animations, in addition to glimpses into her process, can be found on her website. Each gif is rendered largely in pastels and captures simple movements:

A record spinning on a turntable

Butterflies hovering around hydrangeas

Flowers falling outside a window…

All gifs © Maori Sakai

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