Nike & Adidas Step Advance In Web3 Besides First AIGC Yayoi Kusama 1970s Collection Released

Adidas customers want to be able to express and try on different versions of themselves that everyday life might not allow them to, and how about you?

The rise of Ai has been the talk of the internet for the last few months, like general chatbot ChatGPT developed by OpenAI. With the help of Ai Generative tools, even in a very near future, all our robots will need to be dressed fashionable! Imagining what Nike, Gucci, Prada or other fashion brands would create as Fashion Tech Collections for their future Bots…

Maison.Meta is a New York based creative studio exploring all the possibilities that Artificial Intelligence can do and launching NFT & Metaverse projects for brands who wants an edge in the digital space. In this series, they imagined what if artist Yayoi Kusama created a fashion collection in the seventies. Disclaimer: None of the clothes or people really exist!

Find more Yayoi Kusama 1970s Collection in the album above

Nike is taking one giant leap forward into the metaverse, with the launch of .Swoosh. new platform from Nike Virtual Studios that will be home to the sportswear’s virtual footwear and apparel. Nike wants to build an active community in .Swoosh (pronounced “dots Swoosh”), where users will have access to exclusive events, work with Nike designers on virtual products, and even earn royalties for the sale of those products.

“It will be a place where our community can come in and co-create that future with us,” says Ron Faris, GM of Nike Virtual Studios. “You can collect, trade, and flex Nike virtual products.”

Find more .Swoosh in the album above

Adidas unboxed Virtual Gear, the brand’s first interoperable product, to mark the beginning of the next stage of its Web3 strategy. Adidas’s first 16-piece line of virtual wearables is now available as NFTs for Phase 2 Capsule NFT holders to add to their wallets.

“I love the opportunity this collection represents for our most engaged community of holders. Every capsule holder has a choice at launch – burn and express their virtual identity with adidas’ first Virtual Gear collection, or list and allow others to join this community,” shared Adidas’s Web3 Studio Global VP, Erika Wykes-Sneyd. “No matter what, no matter where – adidas is synonymous with the boundary breakers.”

With 16 outfits created to be worn by online avatars, this collection represents the brand’s evolution with the digital era, uniting the virtual and physical worlds. Each piece of the drop is interoperable with other identity-based projects, PFP NFT collections, and virtual worlds. Holders will be able to utilize Adidas’s new PFP dressing tool to flex their fresh three-stripe outfits on numerous PFP avatars and in a variety of metaverses.

Adidas customers want to be able to express and try on different versions of themselves that everyday life might not allow them to.

Speaking to the latest Virtual Gear, Erika said, “We’re going across whatever virtual identity you adapt because we’re not just gonna tie it to one profile picture or one specific community. It’s going to be flexible and fluid across every collection that’s out there, which is really exciting.”

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