“The Full Gamut” Exhibition Inspires a Multifaceted Fashion Scene in Hong Kong

Titled 'The Full Gamut', featuring over 40 unique design projects that seamlessly bringing together creativity and innovation, aesthetics and cultural heritage in a sprawling setting.

The fashion sector is all-encompassing – every aspect of it, from a single piece of cotton thread and weaving techniques to window displays, spatial arrangements and brand strategies. The artistry, expertise and knowledge involved quintessentially run in the veins of the entire production process. As a living proof, Hong Kong has evolved from being the Asian hub of garment manufacturing to one of the global creative platforms for emerging designers, incubating fashion talent who have worked their ways to redefine how we see and experience fashion.

Hong Kong Trilogy – Qipology

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Design Spectrum, one of the public-facing platforms of Hong Kong Design Centre, sponsored by Create Hong Kong of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), is launching a brand-new exhibition showcasing some of the best works created by Hong Kong designers. Titled ‘The Full Gamut’, this admission-free spectacle is set to open for the public from 5 May to 19 July, 2023, featuring over 40 unique design projects that seamlessly bringing together creativity and innovation, aesthetics and cultural heritage in a sprawling setting.

Hong Kong Trilogy – Noel Chu Atelier

Over 40 Cross-disciplinary Design Projects, Take Viewers on a Revelatory Journey of Appreciating Fashion

‘The Full Gamut’, curated by local designer Roger Wu and multi-disciplinary creator Vivienne Yu, sets out to break through the public’s perception of ‘fashion design’ and take cues from different genres to provide different ways to view fashion. ‘The exhibition explores the profound connections between various design disciplines, offering a holistic view on the creative collaborations between designers from across disciplines throughout the fashion design process,’ Wu explains.

Denim Cafe

The exhibition has five zones that feature over 40 exhibits by Hong Kong designers, and some designers from Japan and the United States. The exhibits place fashion in dialogue with a diverse range of topics where views and ideas converge in the common language of design and aesthetics. Each of the five zones represents a specific design discipline as below:

  • “Environmental and Spatial Design”: Creative projects in which architects, interior and spatial designers collaborate with local and international fashion brands are showcased, exploring relationships between space, lighting, fashion and costume design.
  • “Fashion and Accessories Design”: A series of creative designs reflect on the evolution of Hong Kong’s fashion culture, from textile and garment manufacturing to traditional craftsmanship, and how inspiration is brewed from the cultural melting pot of the East and the West.
  • “Communication Design”: Through a vast array of media, including photography, graphic design, publication, and brand design, the interaction across various design fields and fashion design are on display, highlighting the many facets of cultural identity under the influence of modernity and tradition.
  • “Product and Display Design”: The section is comprised of inter-disciplinary fashion-inspired works, showcasing the best of product, furniture, commodity exhibition, and exhibition designers. Some of the designers work hand in hand with specific brands, while others draw inspiration from the realm of fashion and lifestyle.
  • “Social and Inclusive Design”: Designers from different fields address challenges posed by social diversity, and create purposeful, aesthetically pleasing solutions that benefit society. These designs are informed by current trends and principles of inclusivity, ensuring they meet both functional and societal needs.

Michelle Lau Photography

Highlight: Brand-new Installation Art Reinterpreting the Legendary Lee Kung Man Neon Signage

In addition to the 40+ design projects, ‘The Full Gamut’ sees two new art installations on display. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Lee Kung Man, Hong Kong’s textile and garment industry legend, Westley Wong from Wholly Wholly presents Gradient of Centennial drawn on the brand’s iconic ‘golden deer’ neon signage, which was previously dismantled and is now restored to its former glory. To compliment the standout piece, designer Frances Minji enlists 100 pieces of Lee Kung Man T-shirts, dyed in 100 different colours, putting together a vibrant Pantone-esque fabric wall. Also, designer Toby Crispy narrates Lee Kung Man’s century-long legacy through her magnificent embroidery work Slow Stitching the Legacy.

Centennial: Lee Kung Man

Anamorphic Synthesis

The second installation, ‘Anamorphic Synthesis’, sees a collaboration by designers Wai Tang, Noel Chu, Stephen Liang and Violet Foo, in a multi-layered art piece made of materials like wedding dress fabric and mirror pieces, resembling a bouquet of wedding dresses placed upside-down from afar, but also presenting a visually impactful experimentation on a closer look.

Lee Kung Man X Bruce Lee Club: 1127 Memorial Box Set

Thoughtfully Curated, Discover Unique Designer Goods in DS Shop

Design Spectrum’s DS Pop-up Shop will open at The Barn, which is located on 2/F of D2 Place TWO, a short distance from ‘The Full Gamut’ exhibition venue. The shop stocks a range of merchandise of over 10 local design brands, including items designed by ‘DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award’ awardees. For example, Wholly Wholly’s redesigned gift packages for Tak Cheng Tea Trading Co., Milk Design’s hexagonal ceramic mug set, ARTO and MOODLABBYLORRAINE’s patterned socks, and products from LLEMS, a Hong Kong perfume brand in collaboration with New York-based perfumer Frank Voelkl.

The Denim Manual

What is more, DS Shop features design items from Japan, such as Evereon’s iridescent transparent umbrellas which provide a burst of colour amidst midsummer rains, at the same time making a fashionable and environmentally conscious statement with the replaceable fabric.

‘The Full Gamut’ Exhibition

Date: 5 May – 19 July, 2023 (Free Admission)
10:00am – 7:00pm (Mon to Sun)
Location: East Wing of 2/F, 822 Lai Chi Kok Road, Lai Chi Kok (3-minute walk from D2 Exit, Lai Chi Kok MTR Station)
Remarks: Free guided tours of the exhibition are available
20 May, 10, 18 June & 15 July 2023
2:00pm – 2:45pm and 4:00pm – 4:45pm

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